08 May 2013 @ 11:51 pm

The Link is an upcoming series by Jen Stacey about the blurring of lines between the living, the dead, and all the things in-between.

Gemma Richardson has been trying to recover the memories she lost in a car accident, when she comes to discover that she isn't as normal as she thought she was. There are Beings out there--mankind has often confused them for gods--both good and evil, who can use the dead to further their own goals. Over time, Gemma embraces her role as a Link, a bridge between those alive and those dead, but Dark Beings are out there who will stop at nothing to bring the Otherworld to our own.

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More on what you can expect to see when it's released for free online:

  • dark fantasy

  • Celtic lore influences

  • original mythology

  • YA horror

  • combat action

  • weapons exploration

  • balanced romance arcs

  • ensemble cast

  • multiple character perspectives

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